Gail Collins-Webb

Analytical Psychotherapy (Jungian Analysis) in Earley, Wokingham/ Reading, Berkshire

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The following testimonials have been given by past clients.

“ Things were getting to the stage in my life where anxieties over my job, coupled with some long-standing family issues, meant that I was regularly feeling depressed and unable to cope. Having initially sought help from my GP, I was advised to consider therapy, and my search for something I felt I could relate to and benefit from led me to Gail’s website and my first session with her. I quickly realised that Gail was someone I could completely trust, and fully open up to about my problems and inner most feelings. She then steadily introduced ways which would help me to address my concerns and get back on an even keel. I had never before contemplated how dreams could provide such a profound insight into how I was feeling about certain situations, and my overall state of mind. This has been truly life-changing. Gail could not have been more supportive, both during and (where needed) in between sessions. She has helped me begin a journey where I’m able to focus on my own well-being, to cope with life’s challenges, and to find calm.”

“ I was feeling very poorly, incredibly unhappy, confused, lost and desperate when I first contacted Gail. She has helped turn my life around and restored my health. I’m now happy and loving life again and am beyond grateful to her. ”

“It is quite rare to meet people – not to mention therapists – who possess a quality I can only refer to as wisdom. Gail is one of those people. With great warmth, she supported me while I was through a rough period at university. With both wit, genuine compassion and attentiveness I can happily say that Gail helped me make it through as a happier and more mature person. Apart from my life being more enjoyable, I am also left with sparkles of philosophical insight that leaves my life a more meaningful endeavour.”

“I worked with Gail over the last year and during a traumatic period in my life and cannot recommend her highly enough. Having never sought professional therapy before I was unsure of putting myself into this world. I found the process of expressing yourself, studying the sub conscious to open my mind to consider my past experiences, and how that might be influencing my present outlook in life through my relationships a real tonic. Gail’s approach and insight when working with me proved invaluable at a time when I needed someone I could trust to talk to and verbalise my feelings, fears and loss of confidence as an individual. The most important thing you need in the turbulent times in your life, where you seek professional therapy is a safe environment in which to speak to someone who cares about your wellbeing and personal growth and Gail offer’s this in abundance. Thank you for everything you have done to help me Gail.”

“ After many years of trudging through life and bottling up events, thoughts and feelings, managing them totally in the wrong way, I realised I need to sort myself out once and for all. Gail was recommended to me, and I haven't looked back since. I felt safe and comfortable in our sessions, being able to talk freely and knowing it's all confidential and without judgement. Gail has enabled me to look at myself and things around me from a more positive objective. Weekly sessions gave me clarity; I'm able to tackle things with less stress than I was able to do before. I can say I'm much happier now than I've been in a long time. That is all with Gail's help. I've always thought it's too hard to change, but Gail has helped me see It's never too late for change. I can not recommend her enough.”

“ Gail has genuinely turned my life around. Following many years of loss and disappointment, I was suffering with anxiety, depression and had no reason to continue living. Gail has encouraged me to understand why I experience these feelings and allowed me to open up, encouraging me in her caring way to stop suppressing my feelings and that it’s ok to feel anger at past events. Having the freedom to discuss whatever is on my mind and relate my reactions back to the past, has continually made me stronger. When I first started working with Gail, I didn’t dream, but as the weeks went on not only did I dream, they were significant emotionally-changing dreams. Gail’s approach is positively genuine and caring, as well as professional; some weeks we would just sit and laugh together, others I would open up and discuss the struggles I have experienced. I always felt safe and comfortable, a place where I could just be me. It’s never too late and with Gail’s help you will get to where you want to be.”