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Benefits of Jungian Analysis

  • Does Jungian Analysis / Psychotherapy Work?
  • What are the benefits of Jungian Analysis?
    • A range of benefits that may be experienced include:
      • Increased understanding of yourself and others
      • Developed skills for improving relationships
      • Improved ability to deal with personal problems
      • Increased awareness about your strengths and limitations
      • Increased capacity to reflect and consider instead of react impulsively
      • Increased freedom from the compulsiveness of emotion
      • Increase in flexibility of attitudes and behaviours
      • Developing supportive nurturing attitudes and behaviours towards yourself and others
      • Accessing creative energies
      • Improved relationships between your inner and outer worlds
      • A balanced and healthy sense of responsibility
      • Acceptance and conscious suffering of pain and guilt which enables you to adapt and develop
      • An acceptance of oneself and improved self-esteem
      • Development of a sense of personal and individual meaning in life
  • Who and what sort of conditions can benefit from Jungian analysis?
    • Jungian analysis can help most people who have a genuine desire to learn about themselves and are willing and able to commit to regular meetings over a sustained period of time. Jungian work respects differences in personality types.  Following a client’s initial assessment, if an alternative form of therapy is deemed more appropriate then a suitable referral may be provided.
      Those who suffer from a range of emotional problems, including depression and anxiety, those who seek better relationships, and those who seek growth and deeper meaning in their lives can benefit richly from Jungian analysis.