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Gail Collins-Webb

Analytical Psychotherapy (Jungian Analysis) and EMDR practitioner in Earley, Wokingham/ Reading, Berkshire

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Ease your troubled mind with a talking cure

Welcome to my website.

There are many reasons for seeking a psychotherapist including depression, trauma, inner conflict, low self-esteem, relationship problems and challenges at work.  Perhaps you feel you need to find more meaning and purpose in your life, or perhaps your responsibilities overwhelm you.

As a therapist, my role is to listen and accept you as you are.  I can attest and support you through your difficulties and together we can talk it through.  You will know that what you say is shared in a safe space and is held in complete confidence. I provide EMDR therapy for the treatment of traumatic memories. This technique relieves distress and 'remaps' negatives thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves. This can lift depression and anxiety, release addictive and compulsive behaviours, and restore positive self belief and feelings of well being.

Modern life can lead us to lose contact with our inner self. We can become easily caught up in our daily dramas without stopping to pause and ask ourselves what its all about.  We sometimes need space to re-evaluate our lives and to question western values of success such as materialism which do not bring us the fulfillment we crave.   Finding that inner peace and sense of self is far more important and therapy can help you find this path. Analytical psychology is not just about problem solving, it's about our inner journey.

The form of psychotherapy I use is based on the work of Carl Jung and is known as analytical psychotherapy. Jung's analytical psychology is one of several groups of theories which evolved alongside Freud’s psychoanalysis. These different approaches are collectively called psychodynamic theory. The psychodynamic approach includes all the theories in psychology that see human functioning based upon the interaction of drives and forces within the person, particularly unconscious, and between the different structures of the personality. Analytical psychotherapy centres around the relationship of the individual with their inner life. Attention and concentration is given to dreams, fantasies and other manifestations of the unconscious. This process has a healing and balancing effect on the mind.

If one's inner life is not valued but is rejected as irrelevant, it responds with a life of mental and physical distress.The goal of the work is self-knowledge towards wholeness and of nourishing the one unique individual you are.

Types of issues

The following are a selection of the sorts of issues that Jungian psychotherapy can help with:
  • Relationship/ couples/ family issues
  • Burnout/ work problems/ anxiety/ stress
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Difficult childhood/ historic problems
  • Mid-life crisis / the search for meaning in life

  • Identity issues
  • Times of transition and crisis
  • Dealing with loss/ bereavement
  • Low or fluctuating self esteem
  • Post natal depression
  • Nervous breakdown

Based in Earley, Reading, UK